How to reduce cost?

1.  Typical symptoms of problem:
a.   Losses in business at EBIT level
b.   Drop in market share and sales volume
c.   Staffing issues at the top management level
d.   Fixed compensation is on higher quartile and overlapping responsibilities

2.  Key focus area covered under diagnosis by EMC experts:
a.   How productivity is measured
b.   Capacity planning norms and basis
c.   Low diversity in the team
d.   Benchmark with comparative companies
3.  Key solution group:
a.   Redesign of organisation structure
b.   Simplification of product offering and clear strategy
c.   Governance and leadership issues 
d.   Lean management applications, technical changes in processes
4.  Outcome
a.   Systematic method of cost reduction
b.   Cost may drop from 10% to 25% without drop in output