How to find a new business idea?

1.    Typical causes:
a.    Saturation of the current business model, markets or products
b.    Visionary leadership
c.    Generational shift in business leadership
d.    Market forces, technological shift or political and policy changes

2.    Key focus area covered under diagnosis by EMC experts:
a.    Self-awareness of the leadership team
b.    Enthusiasm and motivation level in the teams
c.    Financial resources and risk-taking capacity
d.    Alignments and partnerships in complimentary segments

3.    Key solution group:
a.    Crowd sourcing of many idea and systematically filtering
b.    Expert opinions on potential area
c.    Prototyping of many idea and testing
d.    Create new need by offering an innovative solution

4.    Outcome
a.    Uncontested market space
b.    25% plus return on investments but also higher chances of initial failures