Litigation Support Services (LSS)

Business matters does not always conclude as planned. Difference of opinion, disputes, frauds and breach of contracts are part of managing a business.  Further, the nature of business ownership is largely family based and with succession problem, business issues are compounded.
With our experience partners, we can support you in taking an objective view, provide support by doing analysis, and rendering services in the domain of finance and accounting. We work with your team of experts, lawyers, valuation teams, and corporate advisors to provide litigation support services as your advisor. Our services are:
1.    Litigation support by financial and contracts review
2. Board and Committee support (including supporting the meeting process, producing packs, attending and minuting meetings)  
3.    Case analysis and fact finding to support the legal view
4.    Matters relating to accounting policies, valuation, procedure follow-up

Pillars of our Service
1.    Expert with experience in litigation support
2.    Support team of qualified accountants to establish facts 
3.    Client service approach and Arabic language expertise
4.    Co-operation and coordination with legal teams and other experts

Methodology – Expert based 
Litigation support services are expert based services and methodology is a mixture of standard procedures, best practices, research-based approach, proven models and detailed-oriented quality and diligent work. 
We take clear fee-based mandates and bring enormous value to our clients by leveraging our professional expertise and goodwill in the business community as reliable, competent professionals.