What is CARDINAL framework

CARDINAL framework is a proprietary organisational development framework of Endurance Management Consultancy.  CARDINAL is our reference point for all services and solutions related to HR, Strategy, Business Advisory and Change management.

CARDINAL is an eight-step framework which ensures that idea and actions of an organisation are founded on sound Conduct and Approach principles.  Further the development stage of an organisation encompasses a Reliable design of people, processes and systems. Design leads to a Dynamic performance-based organisation and Improvement becomes a way of life.  In the third or advanced stage of leadership, last three limbs of CARDINAL addresses New Vision, Accomplishment and ultimately a Legacy status.

In Management Advisory, a lot of solutions are based on specific problem or at a point of time to address the problem at hand.  As a best in class management consultancy firm we take a holistic approach to the development of your firm and use the CARDINAL framework for your long-term success.