How to increase sales?

1.    Typical symptoms of problem:
a.    Drop in volume and value per unit
b.    Customer complaints on various touch points
c.    Sales team is coming with excuses month after month
d.    Overdue Collections

2.    Key focus area covered under diagnosis by EMC experts:
a.    Leadership approach
b.    Strategy review, product positioning and distribution chain
c.    Staff turnover, salary levels, performance reward system
d.    Cost per unit analysis and cost drivers

3.    Key solution group:
a.    Changes in product offering
b.    Improvement in sales methods and tracking
c.    Reward systems are rebased
d.    Leadership changes at multiple levels

4.    Outcome
a.    Increase in 8% to 20% sales value over time compared to benchmarks
b.    Improvement in quality of sales and systems