Human Resources Advisory (HRA)

Your people are our business.
In Human Resources Advisory (HRA), we add enormous value to our clients by taking an interdisciplinary approach.  We manage, and design HR advisory based on the principles of HR methodologies and within the framework, need and context of business strategy.
Cost and performance pressure on businesses is so high that machine learning is actively deployed to replace low skilled jobs.  We talk of self-driving vehicles and probably the pace of change would surprise us.  Application of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics processes automation (RPA) is changing the fundamental organisation, job roles and interaction between roles.  The very ground rule of competence dictionary in HR is changing fast. Despite all this, the role of human capital is paramount.  People make an organisations and leadership makes a legacy.  Machines would be excellent tools to aid people. We bring a fresh perspective in HR and offer the following services.  
1.    HR Audit, Policies and Procedures
2.    Competence Based Framework in the era of AI, RPA, Automation
3.    Compensation and Benefits Management, Sales Commissions, Performance rewards
4.    HR Change management – Restructuring and Redundancy
5.    Learning, Development and Training
6.    Emiratization
7.    Employee relations – Discipline, Grievance, Conflict, Bullying and Harassment

Pillars of our Service
1.    Expert and qualified Business and HR professionals INSEAD MBA, CFAs, CAs
2.    Quantitative statistical tools, research-based models and tools, proven systems
3.    Access to research database and market research tools
4.    Access to subject matter experts and industry experts

Methodology – “CARDINAL”, Models, Tools, Experts
HR methodology is based on specific models like Competence Framework, Competence Testing Tools for HR decisions, Benchmarking and Surveys.  External use of software, research and benchmark studies.  Additionally, our core organisation development (OD) framework is CARDINAL, which is an eight-step process to take an organisation from core stages of conceptualization, design and structure, to becoming a legacy leader.