Human Capital

Endurance Management Consultancy is proud to develop a professional and capable team. Hallmark of a great professional services firm is the quality of its most valued assets – its people.  

Our staff are carefully selected, trained and nurtured. We invested time and resources in developing our staff by way of structured trainings, development of models and methodologies and client service approach. A brief profile of our staff is as follows:

1. Mr. Vinit Jain
Chartered Accountant MBA    
Director – Assurance & Tax
2.  Mr. Vivek Daftari   
Masters in Economics    
Director – Transaction Advisory

3.  Ms. Roshni Kalat   
Manager – Advisory Services
4. Mr.  Misbah Waghle      
5.  Mr. Sajeeth Shaik (New staff(s))                                       
Office Administration