Business Advisory Services (BAS)

Management has been an Art and Science.  Our role as consultants is to support your art form of doing business with our scientific approach of building business.  Our core is business and finance knowledge which is based on standards, models, research, practices and methodologies.
In Business Advisory Services (BAS), we use our tool kit to bring a solution to you.  BAS services deal with three main issues of growth, efficiency management and covering gaps on known problems.  Our services on business planning, strategy, feasibility deals with growth related aspirations.  Efficiency management problems are solved by diagnostic studies and using respective tool kit from marketing, operations research, finance or HR to provide a comprehensive solution.  Problem solving part is managed by ensuring diagnosis is correct and then working with the client to execute the course of action.
We provide solution to our clients based on solid research, proven models and experience of experts.  We walk the road with you to ensure that diagnosis is executed appropriately over time to reach stability and success.  Our key services are:
1.    Business Feasibility Studies and Plans
2.    How to Sell More and Better – Sales Management
3.    Business Performance Management
4.    Project Management and Business Problem Solving

Pillars of our Service
1.    Expert and qualified Business and Finance professionals INSEAD MBA, CFAs, CAs
2.    Quantitative statistical tools, research-based models and tools, proven systems
3.    Access to research database and market research tools
4.    Access to subject matter experts and industry experts

Methodology – “CARDINAL”, Models, Tools, Experts
CARDINAL is a proprietary model conceptualized by our expert. The model took its inspiration from social sciences and the modern developments in social sciences and business models.
CARDINAL is an eight-step process to take an organisation from core stages of conceptualization, design and structure, to becoming a legacy leader.  At each step, experts help and support by use of models or tools to navigate and achieve the business objective as per strategy, context and resources.